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In a world filled with cryptocurrency misconceptions, many are missing out on investing in technology that will revolutionize the world. Our team of analysts focuses on finding fundamentally sound cryptocurrency projects that have tremendous upside potential as the industry grows. Our analysts make sure you stay up to date with on-chain data analytics, critical partnership news, price action analysis, and much more to ensure that you understand the industry in and out. 

Economic Data

Understanding the economy and the money markets is paramount for all traders. The Portfolio Kings community focuses on educating its members on the health of the money markets and economy to contextualize all trades and investments. This gives insight into potential future market trends, helping our community prepare for what's ahead. 

Advanced Options

Options trading doesn't need to be risky. Most traders focus on buying weekly options in hopes of getting rich quickly, only to have a greater than 75% chance of losing money. The Portfolio Kings community focuses on selling options, a consistent and high probability strategy. We strive to help our community understand options pricing components so as to generate consistent, low-risk income. This is the mechanical way to trade that we focus on!  As a member, you will be pushed to learn the importance of strategies like strangles, iron condors, credit spreads, and ratio spreads!

Swing Trading

Though we focus more on options-selling strategies, the Portfolio Kings community believes in the importance of having a diversified toolbox of strategies. We occasionally seek out shorter-term swing opportunities using basic technical analysis. Even with these directional strategies, we employ cost-basis reduction techniques using options selling strategies to reduce risk.

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