Portfolio Kings Trading Library

Utilize this hand-picked video library featuring some of our favorite creators to bolster your options, stock, and cryptocurrency knowledge. These tools are crucial to both mature your knowledge and character as a trader. Enjoy!

Understanding Charts


This module will cover the basics of the stock market. It will cover how to interpret charts, how to understand candlesticks, and much more.

Options Basics


This module gives an in-depth overview of how options operate. It will contain everything related to calls, puts, greek, and trading using options spreads.



This module will cover what crypto is, how to buy it, and why we believe that in it's value. We also go over a few coins which we strongly believe in.

Advanced Options


This module expands on the various advanced options strategies, and how to manage them. These strategies include Iron Condors, Verticals, Calendars, Butterflies and more.

Basic Technical Analysis


This module will cover basic technical analysis which includes: identifying trends, plotting support and resistance lines, and understanding what natural market movement looks like.

Advanced Technical Analysis


This module will cover advanced technical analysis methods which include: using indicators and chart patterns to help make predications.

Portfolio Management


This module will include everything relating to maintaining a balanced portfolio. Return on Capital, Probability of Profit and Estimated Price-Move Analysis helps options traders make more educated and calculated trading decisions.

Options Dynamics


This module will include content that will help you understand the probability behind options trading and other factors to consider when trading.