Our Partners

We have teamed up with our service providers to ensure our members have the most effective tools at the most efficient prices to conquer the markets. We personally use our partner's services on a daily basis and we would not be recommending them if we did not genuinely appreciate them.

The tastyworks platform is our preferred platform for trading options. It is especially great for multi-leg options strategies such as credit spreads and iron condors. They offer great commission rates and have a simple, but beautiful platform.

Use promo code: PORTFOLIOKINGS when signing up for an account.

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Fun With ThinkScript offers great tools to help simplify the technical analysis process on the ThinkorSwim platform. We use the brilliant scripts they have created in our daily trading and we offer assistance and guidance to our members on using the tools effectively.

Use promo code: PORTFOLIOKINGS10 when purchasing to receive 10% off your purchase price.