Our Mission

As college students, we saw a need for a better strategic way to make money investing. This is why Portfolio Kings was created. We saw an opportunity in today’s rapidly changing markets to create avenues for retail investors to become self-sufficient profitable traders using statistics with options selling strategies, cryptocurrencies, and momentum trading.


We encourage our members’ growth by providing our community with comprehensive educational content, guides, live workshops, and personal mentoring. We'll show you, the retail trader, values that are conducive to wealth creation. 

We have curated a community of self-sufficient traders who are always pushing to be polished and smart masters of wealth creation. Skilled, patient, unemotional trading is the method we teach.

Our community will instruct and demonstrate to the investor, how to avoid the pitfalls of non-focused investing. We’ll provide a pragmatic methodology to achieve your investment goals.

Portfolio Kings provides unique value to the modern trader by providing a flexible approach to identifying opportunities and finding real solutions. We are a community of self-sufficient profitable investors who have successfully taught our members how to make profitable trades. Our combined strengths provide a fresh perspective on the financial markets, helping our members develop a strategic path for sustainable portfolio growth. 


It’s a different approach that makes your money work harder for you; that’s more focused; that’s smarter and simply better.  It’s the way your money deserves to be treated.

Join the Portfolio Kings Family Today!

• Our community allows the investor to be informed, educated, efficient, and smart.

• Our knowledge of many markets and extensive array of investment strategies, bring fresh perspectives and identifies emerging trends ahead of other investment knowledge sources.

• Our proven success with our current clients, demonstrates our ability to deliver results.

Portfolio King’s can bring more value and knowledge to you the retail investor/trader.

Portfolio King’s can bring more value and knowledge to you the retail investor/trader.