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We are modern strategic thinkers devoted to empowering our trading community through education and mentorship. No matter your experience level, we can deliver smart solutions to help you obtain your financial goals. 

"An amazing place to learn and grow your knowledge about all things crypto,stocks, etc. I would 100% recommend giving this a try, one of the best decisions I have made. Amazing workshops, amazing analysis, and constantly improving to be better for members. Love the group!"

-Edge, Trading Veteran

"5/5 stars. A fantastic community that has helped me (a beginner) become more familiar with stock/options trading by introducing me to condors/spreads. And while the predictions of this community have been spot on, I think having access to the thought processes of the more veteran traders (PK, Bear, Fearless, etc...) is even more valuable." 

-OMG, Trading Group Member

"January was my first month of actually researching stocks/crypto and it's payed off big. Portfolio Kings is structured to help people of all experience levels and it has provided me a tremendous amount of resources to educate myself and generate a consistent income. I'm super thrilled with my success from the first month"

-Jacksondean, Trading Group Member

Portfolio Kings Community Allstars

“ guys are doing the right thing, you're not doing dumb speculation, you're learning the strategy, you’re learning decision making, you’re learning the right approach to complex financial derivative products…”

-Tom Sosnoff, Founder of tastytrade

"Portfolio Kings has completely changed the way I trade. I have gained more knowledge, traded with more precision, and made more money than I thought I could. These guys always answer questions and help out with trades whenever you need it. Portfolio Kings has given me the confidence to be the trader I have always wanted to be. To anyone who is thinking about joining this group, please do it. I promise you, you will never regret it."

-Peter Wolf, Trading Group Member

"3 1/2 months with the group. Each month has been more successful than the last. Applying the knowledge and taking advantage of ALL they have to offer for us. Last month I made about $7000 total. This week i'm up $5500."

-BlackShark, Trading Group Member

"I've been with this group for the most part of this year. Bear, portfoliokings, Bull, Jerome and all other guys I haven't mentioned individually are like family to me. Trading should be a life-long skill that can be learned if approached correctly and with the right mindset. Investing in a group [hint and read: 'portfoliokings'] that focuses and specializes in just that is worth gold."

-Robert Harris, Trading Group Member


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